Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday Sulking and Celebrations

Last night in MN, my two oldest daughters, my mom and dad, my sister, brother and nephew, along my best friend since the fifth grade, all got together for dinner after Good Friday church services. I am here. Not with them. :(

What am I to do with that? Sulk. Pout. Be jeaolous. Feel bad that I am not there having fun with them. Yes, all of the above.

Hrumph. The attendence at my pity party is not nearly as good as the attendance at the party they had. NOOOOO FAIR!

Paige and Britt are spending time with their other families and enjoying Easter in Minnesota with those loved ones. All kidding aside, it is great for them to get a chance to be with those that they love.

Moving on:

Tonight we will be attending a Haitian wedding reception. Even though we did not get our "hold the date" card or our invitation in the mail six to eight weeks in advance, we will still attend. We can't wait to watch, learn and be entertained all in one fell swoop.

We're pretty sure after watching the way the planning went, that to do anything six weeks prior to the wedding would be out of the question. The bride found her dress on Wednesday. We mean THIS Wednesday, like two days ago. Nothing like planning ahead.

Don't underestimate cultural differences. Just don't.