Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Why are we here?

This is a question that swirls in our heads from time to time. We talk a lot about it during our family devotion times. Here is what we have come up with ...

We are here because God asked us to come here.

Did we hear an audible voice? No. Yet, we know He asked us to come here.

Some might say, "How can you possibly KNOW it, for sure?"

Here are some of the ways ...
We had a desire to come here. Not a few of us, all of us old enough to understand, had the desire.

We prayed and prayed for clear signs that we should come, we got them in the form of ...
~Finding Lifeline and feeling peace about it
~Making connections and friends in Haiti
~Support and encouragement from our friends, family, Pastor, and church

~Fundraising goal was met quickly
~Britt and Paige got clearance to come from their other family
~We felt total peace every step of the way
~Rented our house to a trustworthy renter
~Peace, peace, peace

So, we know we are "supposed" to be here. None of us doubt that. But the "why" of it is a different story. Why are we here?

We can only guess about that and maybe we won't fully know the answer for years to come, or ever in this life.

We think we are here to help the people of LaDigue and to love them and hopefully make an impact in their lives ... but we cannot measure that too easily.

We think we are here to build a few strong relationships that will result in discipleship opportunities, but we cannot measure that too easily.

We sense that our children will learn more about themselves and their talents and possibly have an easier time following God's direction in their lives. But we cannot possibly know that yet.

We know we are here to learn more about God and trusting Him in places where you don't have any answers. We feel that happening daily.

So, when we ask one another "WHY are we here?" The simple answer is, because God said we should be here. The long answer will have to wait until Heaven. In trying to listen to what God wanted for us, we did not get a big promise of understanding it all right now.

While we wait to understand, we are doing our best to love people and trust God for the rest. We are convinced that is all He has asked...just that we love others and trust Him.

In His Grip in Haiti-
T & T