Thursday, April 06, 2006

gotta sleep

I sat here for thirty minutes uploading pictures ... then blogger went to pot on me and I lost the entire post ----AARGH! It makes me want to kick and scream like a child, but I am holding it together long enough to say ...

I love ya all ... but just not enough to force my eyes to stay open another twenty minutes to reproduce the post. I am wiped out, team weeks are much more tiring.

The few photos I am taking the time to re-post are:

Mme Maxo dishing out food at the Williamson Feeding Center today-

The Generator Masterminds doing their magic (also known as pleading with the Lord for a miracle)-

All of us went up to the cross (we painted it today, it stands out way more now) for sunset. Very beautiful, even better than the prayer rock for Sunset viewing-

And, maybe my favorite photo(s) of the day ... Paige at the prayer rock, Arnold made his living (back in the day) as a commercial and wedding photograhper and does a great job of catching photos when people don't know they are being taken-

I will reload the other 10 photos I wanted to show when I have some down time over the weekend. Tomorrow is another busy day of finishing things up while the team is here. They leave on Saturday morning.

Goodnight, Tara (Happy Birthday Lisa!)