Monday, April 10, 2006

Quick Post

The ladies called and are in Miami. They were deciding where to take my credit card for dinner. Scary.

I will post today's photos and news when I have more time after bedtime for the little ones. When the girls were a bit teary at the airport, Troy said; "This is your mission, eat lots of steak, lots of pizza and drink lots of milk ... now get to work and have fun."

Hopefully the steak-portion of their assignment is not at airport prices this evening. They are heading for Minnesota at 8pm Eastern Time.

The photo is of the boys this morning as we got ready to take the girls into Port. Troy hates when Noah has his hair poofed out like this, but I love it ... so you can see who won the haristyle war today.

More Later. Keep praying for our baby girls as they finish up a big day of travel, we appreciate it.