Friday, April 21, 2006

Beans & Bellyaching

This little girl is the daughter of one of the Lifeline employees. She had trouble keeping her lunch off of her dress on this day. I think Haitian children are so beautiful. Their eyes almost always tell a story. Usually, the story seems sad.

I am sitting here with my jaw dropped open over the day today. I posted my Thursday entry to the blog this morning. The last words said "even when life is hard, God is good."

Apparently God wanted to test me on my theory. Maybe to see if I believed my own words. I said that prior to a really long day of more/new challenge. Some of it is not blog-worthy, but for the parts that are ...

Our internet is bad and getting worse. I am now emailing my friend to have her take care of on-line things at sites that won't come up. Today she did business with American Airlines and Target for me because I could not get the sites to load in less than five hours and twelve minutes. You know what? Troy might be to blame for the internet issue. The Law and Order thing that I was raving about, well downloading that might be our problem. Apparently we used too much "band-width" so now we deal with the consequences. I am pretty sure we are not stealing band width from anyone in the village ... I don't get why our Satellite provider does not love us. Now Law and Order is not fun to watch. It is just a bad reminder that our internet moves at a snails pace.

The girls flight out of MSP got cancelled. Then the replacement flight had to land in Greensville --- which is in one of the Carolinas, don't ask me which one, due to bad weather in Atlanta. Then the flights were backed up at the Atlanta airport. So, long after they were to be tucked in bed in Miami, they were still sitting on the tarmack in Atlanta. As of this moment they are planning to land in Miami around 2am ---- I am not a wreck. I am still awake, unable to sleep until I know where they are, and what their plan is, but not a wreck. Are you proud of me? I am.

Actually, Britt is like some insane driven force of crazy-freaky, way responsible for-her-age goodness. So there is little doubt that she will struggle to communicate her needs and expectations. She might just push the pilot aside and drive the plane. She is a licensed driver now afterall.

We are doing new things in our roles here as administrators/missionaries and learning about ourselves and Haitian culture more and more each day. We covet your prayers as we learn and seek to do God's will in our new roles. Thanks for checking in on us today.

We may not have access to our blog while we try to fix the internet issues --- we will report in as soon as we have something worth saying.

Bondye Beni Ou! God Bless You! Even when life is hard, God is good.
PPS- Friends at NewJoy: If Jim and Deb had their baby, I need someone to email me and tell me all about it. PLEEEASE. I am an information hog. I need to know.