Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bird Report

Maybe if 40 chickens did not run around the mission property all day long it would not SO disgust me, to prepare a whole one for consumption.

I learned what giblets are by the way, Ish. I could have gone forever without learning that.

I miss the days of Cub Foods and the boneless, skinless, nicely packaged chicken breasts.

And, yes ... I do know that most domesticated women have been cooking whole chickens for as long as they can remember. I recognize that I am a spoiled jerk.

I knew the medical gloves would come in handy.

Interesting Commentary:

Isaac: "OOOOOh, that is a DIFFERENT kind of looks like a lobster." "Is this the kind of chicken that makes baby eggs?" "Why did you kill the chicken that makes baby eggs?" "Mom, why did you kill this?" "Daaaad, did mommy kill it?"

(Paige apparently told him it came from Lifeline property) (The kid has never seen a whole chicken before.)

PS- It tasted fine. We all were surprised at how little meat there is on a whole stinkin bird.