Friday, April 21, 2006

Safely home

The ladies arrived safely earlier today. The are exhausted but still really upbeat.

It looks like Christmas here with all the fun things Britt was given and bought to bring back to Haiti Ranging from fruit snacks, to beef jerkey, to a kitchen rug. Flip flops, tank tops, sandals for Isaac's fast growing feet ... and a dirt devil and a computer. (thanks so much John and Jess!) We also recieved a ton of movies and books. We won't lack entertainment for months. You guys are not kidding around.

We hit the mother load. If you open our freezer you will find: two ice trays with ice in them, a bucket of ice, three packages of ground beef, and about 6 packages of chocolate chips, a large stack of giant sized Hershey's bars, and a ridiculous stash of Peanut M & M's. All of you who gave Britt chocolate ... thank you, it is amazing how dedicated you are to the cause of chocolate.

I like to open the freezer and smile at it.

There are things to do and kids to feed so I must run.

God used you to bless us. He is good like that.

Pressing On-
Troy and Tara and the reunited tribe