Friday, April 07, 2006

Then and Now

The dog lovers are worrying we failed at dog number FOUR ----- two people asked about her this week ... so just to prove the Peanut is still a member of our family we are posting pictures of her.

She is making a mockery of her name already and has more than doubled in size and weight since we first got her in February. She eats four cups of dog food and lots of table scraps each day. She is a hog of a dog, but we really like her. Potty training has been less than a terrific experience ... it is coming along but we think she ought to be doing better than she is. We'll keep trying.

Today we escaped the reality of Haiti and poverty and went with our team to the private beach for about three hours, it was wonderful.

God Bless You- T & T and the whole gang
PS- The generator is still keeping us going. Thank you Lord!

Then - Feb 23
Now April 5