Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blan, Ou Fu!

Up until now, all running has taken place on a treadmill or up and down the steps to the prayer rock.

One word: BORING!

After seeing that Beth has fearlessly been running in Port by herself for ten years, and after being given some mace, I realize I have no excuse to stay inside my gated mission campus any longer.

I talked Britt into venturing out with me. Today we ran about two miles to the end of "our" road and turned around and came back.

Instead of worrying about traffic like on the run in Port, you need to worry about watching the rocky, uneven road so you won't twist your ankle, or trip and eat dirt.

People in the villages are not accustomed to seeing two white women go jogging by. Staring is not rude here to begin with, so you can imagine the looks we got.

Here are a few of the comments we overheard:

Gade gade, Blan. Look look white.
Blan Ou Fu! White you're crazy.
Salute Blan. Greetings white.
Kote ou ale? Where are you going?

Then, we saw our bi-lingual fourth grade teacher and he told us "you look sporty." :)

We decided that after a few more times seeing us, maybe they won't think it is such an odd thing.

Troy says he thinks it is odd and that when he sees people running in the U.S. he shakes his head and says to himself "you dummy" ---- he further pontificates, that here, where people are not into excercise, we will always be odd-balls.

As if we needed another thing to make us odd.