Saturday, May 13, 2006

Haitian Cooking

The best thing about Haitian cooking ... I am not Haitian, therefore I am not cooking.

Wednesday and Saturday we treat the teams to a decent meal, not made by me. This past Wednesday was quite a production.

We used new ladies to prepare our meal. We did not excactly know what to expect. They had all four burners going and ran out of space so Britt took the Plantain's down to the canteen to use the honkin' burners down there to cook her signature item.

The ladies did a great job and made an amazing meal. Everyone loved it. The only downsides were the communication or cultural breakdown that took place over the time the meal was to begin. I had said 6:30, but somehow that translated to 8:30pm. Also, the floors looked like someone mud wrestled on them ... but it was nothing a little mopping coudn't fix.

They started cooking at 4:30. They finished at 8:30. I am no mathematician, but three ladies cooking for four hours is a math problem. Not only is it a math problem, it is crazy. Why would anyone want to work that hard for a meal?