Thursday, May 04, 2006

Recent Photos

Troy recently attended this meeting, it was for a foundation that gathers money to buy food for extremely poor people in the mountains. He had no idea what he was going to when he was invited, and of course he ended up being the main attraction. He was asked to speak and everyone wanted him to become the number one donor for the foundation.

Beautiful Haitian girls.

Noah with Pastor Rony's daughter. He taught her how to color on the floor instead of the paper.

Isaac and Noah tie blankets around their necks and instantly become "Super." Hope does not want to be super, she has constructed the perfect turban and is pretending to be a Sikh. Peanut is attempting to gnaw Noah's hand off. Noah is unaffected because he is super. He feels no pain.

Happy Hope

Safety First ... Not - The photo was taken too late to see that there are two kids in front of the driver and two kids behind him. It is 90 degrees, we have no idea why anyone would choose to wear a stocking cap.

Random Photos of kids in La Digue and Barbancourt.

Britt has been working with this guy for awhile. He is taking Cipro and she is doing her best to keep this nasty wound clean, but it has been an uphill battle.

The breakfast club.
Rice and Bean Sauce