Friday, May 19, 2006

Weird Small World Story

John McHoul showed up this morning to do some filming with a couple of guys that are here helping him with a video. John's ministry is Heart Line Haiti, it is an adoption program, a women's program and a church. He wanted to film out here because the birth family of some twins that they have at their Children's home live in the next village over. They mainly came to get footage of the village and the family of the twins.

So, John comes up to our house to harass Troy while he is in misery and introduce us to the two guys that are here doing the filming.

John says "They are from MN so I figured you would want to talk to someone you could understand." (This is coming from a guy who has a THICK Boston accent even after living in Haiti for 17 years.)

The weird part is this...
I ask the guys where they are from. One says Eden Prairie one says Mendota Heights. (These are Mpls/StPaul suburbs for the non-Minnesotan readers.) I said "Oh, cool what church do you go to?" "How many kids do you have, where do you work ... blah blah small talk blah." The guys go to Grace Church, a mega-church in Eden Prairie, that is not so strange. It still seems cool to talk to a couple of Minnesotan's ... even exciting to connect with someone from our home state.

We had some coffee and chatted some more and one of them asks where I grew up. I said "Brooklyn Park." He said, "me too." Well, we figured out that he lived about three blocks from where I grew up and he attended the same High School, the same Junior High school and the same Elementary school! Weird. Weird. He is four years older so I never knew him but it was just very odd to be standing in a tiny little village in Haiti and meet a guy that went to all the same schools as me in Brooklyn Park, MN. Weird.