Thursday, May 04, 2006

Do free things have value?

Have you ever been given something for free? Not a gift necessarily, just a random item.

For the sake of an example, maybe a shirt that your sister purchased but later did not like.

You take the free shirt and are glad to have it. Two weeks later you wear the shirt and your two year old bleeds all over you and stains it forever.

What do you say to yourself?

I say: "Oh well, it was free."

If you do not earn (pay for) things, they have much less importance/much less value. We have seen it in ourselves.

We believe that lots of the issues here are caused by too many free things being handed out. How can you take pride or place value in/on something that you did not work to achieve?

Since Britt and Paige started teaching English, lots of people have been asking for English-Creole dictionaries.

We did a little study on human nature. If you sell the dictionary (even for a fraction of the cost,) it will be taken care of better than if you give it to someone, free of charge.

Free things are not always good.