Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Weaver

I wish I could remember where I saw it, or exactly how it was said ...

Recently I read a story about the way God weaves our lives together and puts people in our path that will support us or that we might be able to help, touch or support.

The details of the way people meet and re-meet again and their lives become intertwined is nothing short of amazing. It is the odd meetings, and the strange ways of connecting that make me sure it is the Lord's doing.

There are so many examples I can think of right away, but to list out the details of the meetings would be too time consuming.

Suffice it to say, God is an aritst, He is creative, He is amazing, He will put people in places that will build the Kindgdom and at the same time satisfy our needs for friendship on earth.

I met Sarah in December through a non-Haiti related ministry that we both support and believe in. We introduced ourselves via email. The exchange was good, but brief. She mentioned, after learning we were on our way to Haiti that she had always hoped for doors to open that would allow her family to adopt a Haitian child.

In early April Sarah and I re-connected. Long story, but it was a different forum all together and for different purposes. I thought at the time "wow, that is pretty cool."

Now it seems that God may be making our connection on this side of heaven a bit deeper. We will likely be able to meet this month in Haiti. Even if we don't end up seeing each other in Haiti, I know I can support her by praying. That might be why God introduced us.

Sarah and her husband are adopting a little baby girl who has Spina Bifida. They just decided this in April. They need to move fast. She is coming here hoping and praying to find God's favor and get her little baby girl out of here before she dies.

Sarah needs prayer, her baby girl Angeline needs prayer and her family at home does as well. They are a large family with twelve kids. Their mom will be in Haiti for at least a few weeks trying to get Angeline's paperwork finished.

Please pray for their family. Please pray that they are able to get Angeline to the USA in time for life-saving surgery.