Saturday, May 06, 2006

Blog Free Weekend ... Maybe Not

What sort of monster have we created?

After calling this a "no-blog" weekend, I woke up to find my inbox filled with complaints and concerns.

We are fine.

We just figured that a break from the computer for us, and a break from the blog for, you could be beneficial to us all.

Today, Britt is going to youth group with a bunch of other Missionary kids. I am taking the rest of the kids to the beach. Troy will take advantage of the kid-free house to sleep off some Malaria.

Tomorrow we are going to Port au Prince to attend church. Thank you for your concern. We really appreciate the way you love and support us and follow the blog for updates. God has blessed us with an amazing circle of family and friends and for that we are SO thankful.

Now, for real ... don't bother checking back till Monday and have a relaxing weekend too!