Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Five P Tuesday

Photo Credit: Scott Tanner May 2006

P.O. for Payroll

We are headed into the big crazy city to pick up Paige, to fill propane tanks, and to get money for payday for Lifeline employees on Friday. We are also picking up an old adoption friend, Ann. She adopted the little guy that slept right next to Isaac back in 2002 when they were in the orphanage. We are excited to see her and help her plan her time in Haiti. Paige is traveling all day Tuesday, pray for safety for her as she comes to your mind.

All the Hoppa kids have a goofy rash. Noah is the first to have it over here. It looks like heat rash, but does heat rash take over your entire body? So far Noah has it on his temples but if you judge by Faith's experience with it, we will watch it spread.

Today Troy called Dr. Sajous to check in. When Dr. S. answered instead of hearing "hello" on the end of the line, Troy heard "oh, this is they guy that does not listen to me." Troy said "what? hello???" Then Dr. S said that he had seen us in Kabaret yesterday on our way home from church and what was Troy doing in Port when he was supposed to be resting. Troy took the tounge lashing and was told to expect up to two more weeks of decreased activity and decreased energy.

Last night I mentioned three babies to pray for. Tonight I will add some good news and some additional information to those prayer requests.

1.Moses/Ricardo - Is doing a little better. He is a twin, he is the tinyer twin. His grandmother placed him with Rhonda and then for adoption because she believed that all of her daughter's children (her grandchildren) were cursed. She gave the twins away because she wants them to live. For that reason, and many more Ricardo needs to live. He and his twin brother are the only two living children that remain. Their mother had five before she died giving birth to the twins. (The twins are number six and seven.)

2.Sophia- Is under 9lbs at 11 months of age. She has been anemic and malnourished for a long time. This has caused her to refuse food when it is offered. She is being force-fed and needs prayer. She is also an orphan. Her mother died within five days of giving birth to her. Sophia's grandmother is the sole caretaker and needs prayers for peace about making a decision to place Sophia for adoption. The grandmother admits that if she dies she does not have anyone to take Sophia and as of now she is unable to feed Sophie or herself.

3.Angeline-This little girl grabbed our attention back in April when we heard about her and wondered if there might be a way we could help. It ended up that the family that adopted her were people Troy and I had connected with months ago. This little girl is a medical miracle. She lived months without surgery with Spina Bifida. That is unheard of. By the grace of God she was able to get out of Haiti last Wednesday. She is in Ohio undergoing MAJOR medical treatment and remains in serious condition. Go to www.ourhaitianjourney.blogspot.com for the latest photos and ways you can pray.

God's heart is for children. Each and every one matters to Him. There are no unwanted children. Please keep these three that are special to us, but even MORE special to HIM in your prayers.

Lastly, we cannot say it enough or too often. God has blessed Troy and I and our kids with an amazing circle of support. The emails from friends and strangers alike have been a total encouragement to us. We thank God for each of you. We are beyond blessed by your prayers and support. May you be blessed abundantly in return.

Tara for us all

“We're the best of friends, and I pray for good fortune in everything you do, and for your good health--that your everyday affairs prosper, as well as your soul! (3 John 1:2, The Message)