Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Unbloggable? What Say You?

Troy thinks if there is any hesitation to say something on the blog that it ought to be my cue not to say it.

I think as long as it is in my head or is happening for real, then I should probably tell you about it. It is a little test to see if I can scare you away by giving you a glimpse at the real Livesay family.

To that point:

Noah is the weirdest kid in this country. No doubt about it. The other 6 of us voted and the results don't lie.

Recently he has begun referring to his boy parts as his "chicken." WHY WHY WHY? We certainly never called it that. Once he is naked before bath time, he wants to run around screaming "chicken, chicken, chicken!" Huh? What gave him the idea to call it that? This is the child of a proper missionary couple? Oh, no ... that's right, he is not -- or rather we are not.

Troy went in to get him after nap the other day. He proudly said "look dad, I peed right der" Sure enough, he took off his diaper and peed out of the crib rails. The puddle on the floor proved it.

This weekend he learned to say "No photos please!" That is more than entertaining to him.

Other new phrases: "Watch it" "No Saaaassing!" "I'll beat you!" A crowd favorite, yelled at the top of his lungs, "NO NOT!" (Sometimes "No Not" is accompanied by laying on the floor and kicking and screaming ... until voila, he finds himself in his crib for a time out.)

I know, I know ... you are sending Haitian Social Services to remove him from our care. We cannot even blame you.

God sent him as our fifth child for a reason. We never could have handled him earlier in our parenting journey. God knows stuff.

PS- Thanks for the rash ideas ... I have some work to do to go research it further on those sites. It starts out very weak in the morning. By bed time it looks the worst. It could be fungal I guess. Really not sure. Thanks for the ideas though, I had not taken time to look on-line yet. Bad mom.