Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Very Quickly

Today was blog material day. I have about five different stories worth sharing ... but, now is not the time.

Quickly, I will share this conversation:

Tara: "Why don't you take care of yourself? Why did you work so much when the team was here? Why didn't you take viatmins? Why don't you eat enough? Why do you think this is a joke? Why don't you take this seriously?" (Nag Nag Nag)

Troy: "I know you are being mean because you are scared. So I will let it go."

Tara: Begins to cry, continues to cry, cries until Troy says he will take better care of himself.

So, Troy and Pastor Rony BOTH went to the Doctor today. Troy still has Malaria, which is now showing up with liver and intestine problems. Rony has Malaria.

We spent half the late afternoon searching for all the medicines they need. We are now putting sick boy to bed and trying to re-group. I have too much to say so I better organize my thoughts.

Thanks for praying. We love you. More soon.