Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dog Lover Update on Peanut

Peanut is the greatest dog that ever lived. She is so sweet. She is so potty trained. We love her. She is 50 lbs. now. Recently she visited her grandma and sister at the McHoul's children's home. Beth said she stood at the gate and cried for us the entire hour we left her there. She is a little bigger than her sister.

She has a very human-like personality. If Britt leaves her to go do something outside of the Lifeline Campus she immediately gets sad. (We decided that campus is better than compound ... compound sounds like some sort of cult.) Last night she even barked when someone came up to our patio gate. She eats like a pig. Usually, four cups of dog food a day and then whatever people scraps are left on the little kids' plates.

For people who have never succeeded at dog-ownership this is a very premature conversation, but the girls are talking about breeding her some day. Since we are experts at making dumb and overwhelming choices we just might end up doing it. For now, we are enjoying our five month old puppy VERY much!

The only problem we have had with her is that Noah likes to get rowdy with her and run up and down the patio with her. It is all fun and games until Peanut bumps into him and knocks him on his butt in a hurry. She has twenty pounds on him, we just need to convince him that he cannot get rowdy with her and expect to stay on his feet.