Saturday, May 20, 2006

Girls Day Out

Good Saturday Morning-
Rhonda and Britt and I are headed out of La Digue for a day in Port together. We are attending a seminar that Beth puts on a few times a year. We are hoping it might be something we could do out here for our employees. It mainly teaches reproduction awareness and about STD's and things that are not commonly understood here.

We are also visiting the little baby that Rhonda took care of and picking up some baby supplies to have on hand here. If we get brave we are going to try and find Agape mail and get our mail ... but without our husbands that might be a stretch.

Robenson, our interpreter is going with us.

We are off. Have a great day.

Oh- Troy is doing a little better. Cloroquine made him absoultely loopy but he is feeling a bit better today.