Thursday, May 18, 2006

Filling Prescriptions in This Country

They look pretty happy don't they? (Doctors house/waiting room.)

Troy picked me up at the airport and we went to get his test results. After Troy's Doctor beat me up verbally, we headed out of town in search of a Pharmacy to fill Troy's four prescriptions. I am personally responsible to make him get better. Not sure if that seems fair, but that is the task Dr. Sajous assigned me.

It seems that Troy has some sort of intestinal inflammation (along with the Haitian happiness), messed up liver function, and then your basic Malaria. Apparently it all is caused by that one mosquito bite ... and all the symptoms and issues go back to Malaria. He is having crazy psychotic dreams and wakes up about twenty times a night. We are praying these four prescriptions do the trick soon. He spent the day in bed and has plans to do the same on Friday and Saturday, per Doctor's orders. Last week he would work from 5:30am till about 2pm then nap for a few hours but Dr. Sajous said that is not enough resting and that Troy needs to follow instructions better. (Or else.)

Troy is going to listen. We are not messing around anymore!

Dr Sajous assured us that we would find the prescriptions for Troy and Rony without too much trouble.

He was wrong.

The photos are of a few of the EIGHT pharmacies we stopped at in order to fill all Troy and Rony's prescriptions. In what situation in the USA can you imagine needing to go to EIGHT different pharmacies to find your medicine? I can't come up with one.

During the time we were dragging these two sick guys around town looking for medicine, Britt and Jason were caring for Rony's son. (Rhonda held down the fort and watched all the kids left behind.) It was touching to see how concerned and proud Rony was of his boy when he heard by phone that his son was tough and did well during his stitches. Rony was even giddy on the way home ... the guy has Malaria and he was all smiles. We can only speculate that for him, going to a Doctor and getting a diagnosis and medicine all in one day was something totally unheard of ---- putting everything back in perspective for us.

We covet your continued prayers for this stupid stuff to be over for good. Apparently it is common for Malaria to come and go in waves and you think you are better when you really are not. He will be fine, we just learned that it might require some patience. (Don't worry moms!)

Bondye Kapab! GOD CAN!