Sunday, May 07, 2006

The "Blog-Free" Weekend That Never Came to Pass

Apparently Randall Cunningham's retirement from the NFL is not as glamorous as you might have imagined.

This poor unfortunate soul, unaware of the hole the size of Texas in the middle of the road just outside of Port au Prince. The hole has been there for a long time but this guy forgot today.

Maybe not the safest way to get to church? (Yes, he is hanging onto the tap-tap.)

Church was good as usual. Noah was naughty at church, as usual. Thankfully it was Troy's Sunday to roam around the perimeter of the building with our mad-man son. It was my turn to sit and listen to the sermon.

John preaced about listening to God and ignoring the chatter and the naysayers. He talked about being sure that the voice you care most about following, is the Lord's voice and that you can always excpect there to be people who will poo-poo you for following God's voice, especially since God's ways are higher than ours.

To our human thinking, much of what He will lead us to do will look sort of senseless and even odd. (Like moving five kids to Haiti.) It was good to be reminded not to worry about having a fan club of people who "get it" but just being sure that HE sent you and HIS opinion is all that matters. I should share all the scripture references and illustrations ... but I did not have a pen and therefore I have no notes. If Troy had been there, we would have excellent notes. Now you know who got C's and who got A's in school. Sorry!

Sunday: Lunch after church. Paige is missing because she wanted to go to the beach again.

The first baby and the last baby. (?) Si Bondye vle (If God wants)

Pick on someone your own size, Noah.

Saturday: Isaac asked if this was Noah's Ark. We assured him the Ark was a tiny bit bigger. Hope's best quote at the beach: "It stinks inside my nose." (They were finding shells that did not smell so great.)

This is what you look like when your smile takes your entire face hostage.

Three Beach Bums - Britt was at youth group, Noah was napping.

It was a good weekend. Troy was able to get a couple naps in. He is surprised to be experiencing new Malaria symptoms; he has had a lot of muscle soreness now. We watched "The Great Raid" on Saturday night, not knowing that a bunch of soldiers die of Malaria ... he got a big kick out of pointing out that he was handling Malaria MUCH better than the soldiers in the movie. (Never mind the fact that they were unmedicated prisoners of war.) We gave the movie one thumb up and one thumb down. It was a really good movie, with a really sad ending.

Monday we get groceries for the team of 11 that will arrive on Tuesday. I hope to meet up with Beth so we can get a long run in too ... the dread-mill is getting very boring, it is time to venture out onto the "open" road.


Tara, Troy, Isaac, Hope, Britt, Paige and Naughty, I mean Noah.