Friday, May 19, 2006

Isaac is nuts

The day we met Isaac in a Port au Prince orphanage, he was a silly goon.

Nothing has changed.

To set up the conversation that Ike and Britt had, I should share a little bit about Britt in her role as the "big" sister in this house.

If there is such a thing as being too assertive, then that would be Britt. She pretty much does not need parents. She can manage almost anything on her own ... sometimes she is a bit of a bull-dog but we are helping her learn to temper that a bit and make it into a useful tool/skill that will get her places in life.

So, Britt is esentially mom number two to the three little people in our house. Some of us (Troy and I) really appreciate the way she can step in and help out when needed. Others, (Isaac) are not so fond of having a big sister with mom skills.

Isaac sort of rebels against Britt's authority. Just a few months ago, when we moved to Haiti, Isaac realized that he is brown and we are white. No one told him before and he had not noticed until coming here. He was surprised to see that we were a little bit different than most families.

So, the other day Britt was in mom mode while Isaac was in rebel mode:

Britt- "Isaac pick up your shoes and put them away it is time to get ready for bed."

Isaac- "What did you say white?"

Britt- "WHAT did you just call me?"

Isaac- "What? I called you white, you are white you know."

Britt- "Isaac, call me by my name, call me Britt."

Isaac- "Okay white, I will call you Britt."