Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cool Story

So much of what we hear today is discouraging. I want you to be encouraged. I want to be encouraged. I was reading up on Angel's latest news from Ohio. To do that go to

Then after you read the post from Tuesday, read the comments by Rose. There is an amazing story there.

On February 28th, I wrote a blog entry about miracles. Below is part of what my thoughts were that day ... I have not been giving this enough thought lately, the posts on Sarah's blog served to remind me again. (Thanks Rose!)

From February 28 post called "God's Business"
"Is God still in the business of miracles?" This is what is written on the jacket of the book I am currently reading. What do you think? If you believe the Bible than you know He was the God of miracles in Bible times. But do you think He is now?

Does He still multiply food, send financial resources where there were none, & heal the sick?

In our short time here we have seen some pretty amazing things. Things that make no sense. We believe God still does miracle, we believe He does them daily all over the world. We believe He cares for each and every child in Haiti just the way He cares for our kids.

What He chooses to heal, and what remains broken are a mystery to us. We just know that if you don't ask Him for help and healing, chances are, you won't receive either. Faith is the belief in things "unseen." We cannot see God, but we feel His presence. We believe in modern-day miracles.

We are expectant of one of those modern day miracles in Ohio, in the life of a sweet Haitian baby named Angel.