Friday, May 19, 2006

He is kind of a big deal!

On the way home from Port on Wednesday we were totally perplexed by the smoother ride we were experiencing. The usual potholes, uneven, and often muddy messes seemed much improved. Even the worst 1/5 mile portion that is usually filled with sludge and mud and is totally uneven, had been grated out and made level.

We started to wonder what had happened since six hours earlier, when we had traveled that same road into Port.

We began to pay attention and realized that in every area where a pothole had existed just hours before, there was now black-top filling in the pothole.

Then it hit us. Flag Day is celebrated in Arachaie, the nearest large town to us. It shows up on a map of Haiti (we are not on any map) and is about five miles from us ... only, five miles means 25 minutes on our roads.

Apparently, the Haitian flag was sewn by Haiti's version of Betsy Ross, in Arachaie ... therefore the Flag Day celebration takes place there.

President Preval was to be traveling to Arachaie to speak on Thursday. He is kind of a big deal. That is why there were massive amounts of road repairs happening on Wednesday. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. Ten years worth of potholes, all fixed in one day, for one important guy. We are glad he headed north! It helps us out a ton.

We decided not to attend the celebration, having just seen Preval on Wednesday at the airport, it seemed like over-kill. He is welcome to travel our roads anytime though!