Sunday, May 28, 2006

More Mailing Information

I need to apologize. A few people have emailed asking for ideas to send stuff to us via our missionary mail service and I put the emails on the back burner long enough for it to become too long and then I feel dumb replying a month later so I don't reply at all. Sorry.

For light items our Agape mail account will work. The address is:

Troy Livesay c/o Agape Flights
PAP - 17871
7990 15th Street East
Sarasota, FL 34243

Agape is nice but it is spendy. They charge us $3.00 per pound now. There are also customs taxes on this end, but they are not too terribly high on most items.

If you wish to help off-set the $3.00 per pound that Agape charges to cover their flight costs from Florida, it might be best to send that to Lifeline with a note that explains it is a one-time gift for the Livesay's. We see on Agape's site that you can send it there too but we don't really get the way that works, it seems like they charge us the full amount either way.

Lifeline's Address:
Children's Int'l Lifeline
16106 Brookwood Drive
Buchanan, MI 49107

I was asked for ideas. I think only light items make sense. Shipping in heavier items would end up being too spendy.We might even be able to buy it here cheaper after paying all the shipping and customs taxes. So, I am only listing light items. ~Beef Jerkey ~Fruit snacks ~DVD's/Movies ~Granola Bars ~Candy

If you would like to donate the heavier items it would be best to send it to my parents address and we can get it to Haiti in July or August in suitcases and not pay any shipping or customs taxes. The heavy items are: ~Powdered Gatorade ~Baby Formula (for babies in the village.)

If you want to do that you would ship it to:
Randy Porter
131 Powell Circle West
Big Lake, MN 55309

Agape seems to take about two to three weeks to get to us from the time it is mailed. You can send letters and cards without any fees being charged to us.

We don't want to use our Blog as a fundraising tool. (Or a forum to ask for things other than prayer!) This will be the last time you see a post with this information. Thanks for being patient, sorry we did not reply to your emails to answer these questions!
~ T & T ~