Monday, May 01, 2006

Bon Repos Traffic

Last week we shared the common sight of cows on the road, in the middle of the city. Really, there are not many things that would shock you in the streets of Port after you have traveled on them a time or two.

The only thing that MIGHT surprise you... is if you found a smooth stretch of road that was not backed up with traffic. It almost cannot be found. You must weave to drive here. There is no right of way and there are no rules. Only the strong survive...or get to their destination.

We especially love pulling up along side of a tap-tap (brightly painted trucks with covers that are the Haitian public transportations system) and seeing a dozen goats hanging upside down by their feet off the side of the truck.

These photos were taken in traffic last week. We have no idea why these guys are pushing carts with old pieces of cars on them, but you can see this most days. Maybe they are headed to the body shop. We think it could be for some sort of extreme edition of "Pimp my Ride". If you don't know about that show, don't worry... you are missing absolutely nothing of any value what-so-ever. Having a 16 year old makes you the expert on many stupid TV shows.

Bon Repos (on the edge of Port au Prince as you head North) means "good rest" --- we are here to tell you, when it comes to traveling their roads, there is nothing good or restful about it.