Sunday, May 14, 2006

Saturday's Report

It was a full day here.

We took our group to the top of the mountain behind us. A few folks underestimated what they were signing up for, so there were dry heaves along the way. No good.
After dinner got all messed up and there was a communication breakdown, I learned that I was in charge of dinner at the time where we were supposed to be sitting down and eating. So much for Haitian cooking. We had noodles. It is not too easy to come up with something on the spot that will feed a group of 21.

The fireworks display that was purchased to entertain our teenage/college age group caused a small grass fire ... that provided 15 minutes of excitement and chaos. The La Digue volunteer fire department handled it faster than you can say "don't do fireworks when it has not rained in two weeks."

Which leads to this news: The rainy season pooped out on us. Nothing, nada, zero rain the last many nights. It is getting bad for the gardeners and people are worried. We need the rain, many people depend on their gardens for a major source of food and income. Pray for rain.

This is our last full day with the team. They are headed to the beach after church. Troy and Britt will go, the rest of us are staying back.

Paige has school work to do (read: mean mom) and it is easier for Troy/Britt to answer questions and engage in conversation if the little ones are not yapping in their ears.