Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cool News

For those of you who prayed for little Angeline (Angel), the word on the street is that she was APPROVED by the US Embassy for a medical visa. I spoke with Sarah by phone yesterday before I posted the prayer request and she told me that they needed three things. A passport, approval from Haitian Social Services, and the US Embassy to give a visa. All three needed to happen fast. (Nothing happens fast here.) (Until now.)

I heard via Rhonda and saw on Sarah's blog that she did get approved. (go to to see it for yourself - plus more photos of Angel)

You gotta know that everyone discouraged Sarah. Everyone said it is SO SO rare to get a medical visa. I think that is why I so felt her pain, it is exactly what happened when we wanted to try and get Hope out of here in 2002.

Guess what?

When God is in charge, when HE has a plan, it really does not matter how rare things are. It really does not matter that it almost never happens. God laughs at that silliness.

I am so excited I could spit.This is such good news.

NOW, please pray that Angel gets her surgery and lives. The situation sounds very precarious ... but God knows His own plan and He is revealing it to us all in His perfect timing.