Sunday, May 14, 2006

Public Apology(s)

I, Brittany Rachelle, here by announce that I am a horrible daughter. I am at fault here, big time.

I forgot Mothers' Day. I am really stupid. How am I gonna make this one up? I love you Mom, I hope you can forgive me for being such a stupid-head kid. I would blame it on Haiti and the lack of not knowing anything, such as the day of the week or date in the month, but there is no excuse to forget my own amazingly wonderful mom.

So, to try and compensate, I just want to publicly proclaim my complete gratitude and love for my mom.

My being born might not have been the most convenient of things. It wasn't the right time and it wasn't the right way. But God had a plan, and He knew that we'd get through whatever things might come.
My mom made a lot of sacrifices for me. She didn't get to be the captain of her swim team or even swim her senior year. She didn't really get to have a normal senior year. She didn't get to go to the college she had hoped to or when she had hoped to. All of her prior plans and hopes and aspirations for the future were changed.

Throughout our lives together, she has never once let me down. As I write this, I am bawling just thinking about all that my mom has done and is doing and will do for me. I would be totally and completely lost & devastated and just plain ruined without her. She will always be there for me and always has been. I look up to her so much, I cannot believe all that she has overcome and accomplished. I am flattered to call her my mom. I can only strive to be half of the woman, mother, and friend that she is. My mom is my best friend.

P.S. - In other news, I am not the only one who forgot this lovely lass. The following are here by charged with 4th degree forgetting to honor their mother on the one day devoted solely to that: Paige Noelle, Isaac Antoine, Hope Louis, and Noah Matthew. Oh! and really whose the most at fault, besides me, is Mr. Troy Robert Livesay himself. Good going, Dad. We're quite the family. Once again, sorry mom, I know that we all owe you big time. Sorry we stink. We love you. Why have just one day to honor you? It's Mother's week here in La Digue. Let the party begin.