Tuesday, May 02, 2006

WHOA - A Productive Day in Haiti!?!?!

Troy loves posing for photos with Pastor Rony ... for those of you who have not met Troy, NO ... he is not 6' 6" ---- but he sure looks tall in this country. ;) At this point, Troy needs to worry less about his height and more about his weight.

I am force feeding him Mayonaise by the tablespoon, three times a day.
;-) If my dad were here, he would take one look at Troy and say "Boy, you're going to fall through your butt and choke yourself."

Dad, I've got you covered. :)

Paige has an American friend here for two weeks ... she could not be happier. This is Hannah, she is the daughter of the USA director of Lifeline.

Besides our first visit to a Haitian Doctor and waiting on the lab results, we also got groceries, went to the "wholesale" outfit (another blog entry all together) got money for upcoming personal and Lifeline expenses, (getting money is a seperate step from any other errand) went to a pharmacy to find some medicine for Rhonda's baby that she is caring for and picked up Donald and Hannah at the airport. That is a full and productive afternoon in Haiti. We are quite impressed with ourselves.
Much Love being sent North from all of us!