Thursday, May 18, 2006

More Eddy & More Culture Differences

Eddy just called to check on Troy.

I answered and got the usual brush-off, he said:
"Hi Taaaawa, let me talk to you husband."
When Troy got on the line he said:
"Hey man, I'm coming to see you. I bought you some Toro." (snicker snicker)

Which leads me to this. Today three cooks, Pastor Rony and Tipap all came up at different times asking to "see" Troy. I said "He is sleeping." They said that, yes they knew he was sick and sleeping but they wanted to see him.

In this culture you go visit a sick person.

It would be like if you call in sick tomorrow from your desk job and around 10am while you are watching The Price is Right in your underwear, you hear a knock. When you go to the door it is they guy from the cubicle next to you at work. He just came to "see" you and visit you because you are sick. Not very American, is it!?!?!?

So, I screened all the visitors for as long as I could. I did let Rony come "see" Troy. (Which is just weird to have someone come look at you while you lay in bed.) But, Rony mainly had a quick question and then offered to pray for Troy. (Keep in mind he is sick too!) The cooks had no chance, Troy would have punched me if I had let them come in and stare at him. Late in the day Tipap made it through my security. Troy met him on the porch for a quick second, made some small talk, thanked him for coming and sprinted back to bed.