Sunday, January 28, 2007

Family Photo Day

There are a lot of great things about Troy. I know you all get plenty sick of me going on about it. So I won't. I'll just say, that a guy with a good camera and a decent skill level - beats the heck out of dragging the family to the portrait studio any day. And, when in a country that uses cameras from 1934 and offers nothing in the way of a portrait studio, it is a bonus to have a good working relationship with a guy like Troy. And I do.

We used to almost kill each other on family picture day. Today, we threw our planned clothing on and headed to the prayer rock. (Some of us made our hair too big.) Isaac unbuttoned an extra button - going for the male-gigolo look - and voila, eight minutes later we were done. Nobody swore, freaked out, melted down or acted foolish. Yay for Troy, his skillzz and his fancy-pants camera.
We are excited to have a family photo with our Phoebers in it.
Our weekend was unusually quiet and relaxing. There was one odd moment when we pulled into the driveway and a guy none of us know was standing in the drive. We learned that we also freak out when we see a white guy. Troy said "HEY, who is that white guy??" and the rest of us chimed in in disbelief and surprise. I guess we cannot be annoyed when we are identified that way ... we're guilty of it ourselves.

The three Scooby junkies pictured below spent some (read: too much) of the weekend watching DVD's. Let me just take this opportunity to say, Shaggy is a knob and Velma is kind of a know-it-all belly-acher. And, if Scooby was my dog, he'd be long gone ... let out of the gate to fend for himself among the Dingos of Haiti.

As a child of the 80's, I am surprised I don't remember how totally annoying the show is. I guess I blocked it out. ZOIKS!!!! Anyway, Thanks a lot Lisa and Dec -- for bringing the Scooby disc down. It's been a lot of fun watching our kids' brains rot out. You'll be pleased to know they can sing the theme song almost word-perfect.
Like my dear old granny Porter used to say (or still says?) "Oh ... I sure wish you could remember BIBLE VERSES as well as you remember those awful songs!"

Scooby Dooby Doo,Where are youWe got some work to doScooby Dooby Doo,Where are youWe need some help from you nowCome on,Scooby Doo,I see youpretending you got a sliverBut you're not foolin' me,cause I can seethe way you shake and shiverYou know we got a mystery to solve and Scooby Doo,be ready for your actDon't hold back!And Scooby Doo if you come through you're gonna have yourself aScooby Snack!Scooby Dooby Doo,where are youYou're ready and you're willingIf we can count on you Scooby DooI know you'll catch that villian

There are two troubling situations that I have sat deciding whether or not to address here.

Talking about Scooby-Doo is sort of avoidance of the issues at hand.I won't go into both of them here, I'll simply ask for prayers for one work-related challenge and one family-related concern.

Our family related concern is about Phoebe. We are praying we are wrong, over-reacting, or misdiagnosing. We have a concern about Phoebe's hearing. She does not respond to voices or noises. We've been testing her all weekend and are trying to stay calm and positive ... but we are worried. The only two tiny responses we got out of her were for VERY LOUD noises. She gives no reaction whatsoever to snaps, claps, or voices.

Monday we hope to figure out what our options are here for having her tested. They may be nil but we are going to try anyway.

I was sitting sad and worried about it all and Isaac said, "Ma, what is wrong?" I said "I am just worried that Phoebe cannot hear." Ike said- "Hum. (Long thoughtful pause) Well, maybe she has a rock in her ear or maybe she has a ear confection." "Don't worry Ma."

I checked, there are no rocks in her ears. Please pray that if there is someone on this island that could help us figure out if a problem exists, that we would find them easily tomorrow.