Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Looking Back - Looking Forward

Things I learned last year-

  • Looking different than everyone else is difficult - or being stared at is

  • “Meat market” means different things to different people

  • A 90 minute commute is not actually a commute

  • REAL milk is an amazing treat

  • Potato Chips are not necessary to get though stressful situations

  • Haiti sweat smells worse then Minnesota sweat

  • Malaria is not that big of a deal - all things being relative

  • Dengue fever is a close second to a death sentence

  • God can help you do things you never imagined

  • It is hard to feel attractive in temps over 85

  • Troy is still attractive in temps over 85

  • Children are amazing at adapting to their surroundings

  • Cheese is worth $7.00 per pound

  • Cereal is not worth $8.00 per box

  • There are kind people everywhere

  • There are mean people everywhere

  • Cooking is not more fun in a big kitchen

  • Writing is therapeutic

  • Time is not as important as you might think

  • It is possible to be on an all-carb diet and not gain weight

  • We have amazing friends and family who show us Jesus-kind-of-love regularly

    Top 5 very weird/surreal moments of 2006...

  • Saying goodbye to Troy on January 18

  • Flying into Haiti with five kids on February 3

  • Weird Haiti things in February

  • Hearing my husband was being taken to a hospital in June

  • Visiting the Gov't hospital in September

  • Seeing Hope get seriously injured in October

2007 is bound to be fun and equally exciting.