Friday, January 26, 2007

Writer's Block & L.R. is Back!?!?!

If it seems like we have nothing important to say; it *is* actually because we have nothing to say.

It may be just a normal writer's-block situation ... or it may be serious. It's too soon to tell. Either way; I've got zilch for you today.

Except this brief mocking of my dear sweet husband.

Troy has retreated to a quiet place to deal with the news that Lionel Ritchie is indeed famous in the USA. Paige's dad emailed from MN to confirm it as well. That made four different states reporting that Lionel Ritchie is popular *right now.* Ouch. Poor Troy, he's out of touch with American culture. Keep him in your prayers. ;-) He's impervious to reason and wants to deny what many of you have shared. It's never a good day when Eddy knows something that you don't know... About your own culture. It cuts - Deep.

Suffice it to say, there will be no dancing on the ceiling here today.

We're working, we're having a normal school and business day. It is all sort of boring I guess. Nothin more to say about it. But, if Troy can pull himself back together we hope that later this afternoon we can go on a quick date. Woot.

We hope it is a UN free date, that we won't need to see any creepy Brazilian guys in their tiny little Speedos.

If you don't hear from us this weekend, just know we're recovering from writer's block, and the shocking Lionel Ritchie news. We're safe, we're fine, even better than fine - enjoying Phoebe, and maybe taking a blogging break.

Love to all! Have a great weekend.