Saturday, January 13, 2007

Simply Simple

By Paige:

Story about Ike:

Today Brit and I attempted to teach Ike to play "GO FISH" Here is the funny conversation between us:

Me- Isaac, pick a certain card and ask someone if they have it.

Ike- Okay - Do you have a certain card?

Paige- NO Isaac, pick a number I mean, then ask if anyone has it!

Ike- OH OK! Does someone have a 4?

I then started to hand it to him, he saw it was a 4, but I said "Who are you asking, me or Brit?"

He responded, "I'm asking Brit."

What a dork! He saw that I had a 4 but wanted to ask Brit.

We played again and it went a little better the second time.

Ike is one of the most happy people I know, he can ALWAYS make you smile when you're down. Our lives would be dull with out him.

I love you IKE!!