Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Our day

By Britt:

I just wanted to share briefly about the very fun day we had today. We arrived in Montrois around 9 and got to meet a great group of cool people who clearly love Haiti. Brad, this team's leader, made us feel right-at-home and we enjoyed getting to observe/be taught by Dr. Jay. I think we handed out fourteen cards and the operations were all exciting to be a part of. Brit has all the good, gory pictures on her camera so we will have to post those another time. I can't remember everything that we got to be apart of but some of the operations were: keloid, lipoma, ganglion cyst, & extra fingers - all removed off of the various patients. I got to stitch up three or four of the wounds after the procedures, that was a lot of fun and as always - great practice.

We had a lot of fun and I'm sorry I don't have more cool pictures to share but I am just thankful for the opportunity that we had and the awesome people that we met. I will hopefully get the chance to work with again in the future. I've got to go get ready for our Cazale trip tomorrow - I'm excited to go visit two of my very favorite ladies in Haiti. :)