Thursday, January 04, 2007


Sometimes, trying to figure out how to do things in this land without causing major issues, is about as clear as this sign.

We keep learning, and just when we think we have come up with a plan that will not cause problems, we learn we are just naive and short-sighted and our plans still back-fire. The story is too long and complicated, OH, and crappy to tell ... maybe Troy will feel like it, I don't.


On this day that our friends flew away from us we find ourselves thinking a lot about the friends God has given us BECAUSE of Haiti; BECAUSE He loves us. It is stupid to feel sad for too long when you think about the quality people we have grown close to in recent months.

If you have never taken time to check out our link list, please do. There are people there that we can confidently say are "the real deal" - Phenomenal people that are showing the love of Jesus to Haiti and showing the Livesay family love too. They are people we would struggle without, they help us through tough times with advice, love, encouragement and friendship.

We met with Zach for a quick exchange of goods earlier today. A few moments ago Zach called with an amazingly encouraging message for Paige. He had her on his mind. I had tears running down my face listening to the words and thoughts God laid on his heart regarding Paige.

A bit ago I read this silly January 1 blog post by John and giggled at his bizarre-ness and thought about how great it is to have him for a friend and mentor. If nothing else, he is entertaining. ;-) Beth and John have meant so much to us.

Then I went to the site of new friends of ours to read their newest blog post and was moved by what I read.

All of this is just to say, look around at the people God has placed in your life. It is no accident. We knew none of these people 16 months ago. They have all helped us navigate this wacky land, and even if they are not laughing with us, but AT us, at least someone is laughing. (You know who you are.)

Troy and I can only hope that we support and encourage our new friends half as much as they do us.