Tuesday, January 30, 2007


All right, a quick update for all you worry-warts out there.

No prison sentence, yet.

The judge showed up and asked his questions and actually, surprisingly, seemed amiable and even impartial. I attempted to correct a few facts that had been twisted in the story he'd heard so far, and cordially answered all his questions. I must admit that I did give 'the look' to my accuser a time or two...but other than that I behaved.

Now the judge has to decide if the case has merit (read: if the accuser is willing to pay enough to continue the process). Then an 'invitation' will apparently come to appear in the tribunal, or courthouse. So now I guess I just wait for the summons.

Through friends and in-country contacts, we found a lawyer who sounds perfect to help in this situation. When I called him, he assumed I was already in jail and asked where he could find me. A man of action, to be sure. He kind of sounded disappointed when I told him nothing had happened yet, and now he's waiting for the call when I receive the summons. Then he'll apparently spring into action and save the day. He said he can probably fix things without needing me to appear in court. I have mixed feelings about that - both relief and disappointment. Here's the best part about the new lawyer friend. His name:


I can't wait to see how much blog material comes out of this one. I'm pretty sure Tara is still hoping I have at least a temporary stay behind bars, just for entertainment and value to you, the reader. I saw a t-shirt advertised online somewhere that I need to buy for Tara. It said:

OH, I am SO going to blog this.

I'll be practicing singing 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot', doing pullups, and figuring out how to carve a "shiv" while I wait for the next episode.


PS- I know a post with no pictures is kind of boring and abnormal for us...but it is really hard to find a fun, light-hearted photo of prison life. Believe me, I tried to find one.