Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good Advice

One really fun thing about this blog, is the new people we've been able to meet through it. We chose to post/use our names and offer a way to reach us and knew that with that, there would come some not-so-nice comments, and even harsh criticism at times. If you are going to put yourself "out there," you've got to be ready for both sides. It has actually been good and has helped serve to make us thicker-skinned and more prepared to defend our position.

That decision, not to be anonymous, was deliberate and we've been tolerant when dealing with the negative because the fun and interesting people we meet and are blessed to correspond with are well worth it. Today we even got a fun email from Germany!

Most often we are asked about adoption or becoming a missionary and "what it takes." I am linking to one of the better answers I have seen to the "How do I become a missionary?" question. It is written by a man who has been serving in Haiti for 20 years. We love what he wrote, and agree with all of it.

We don't have much new to report on Lori or Phoebe. We're waiting for more details on both situations, hoping that tomorrow will bring news. We thank you so much for your kind and loving responses. You've blessed us!