Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday's Stuff

The day's main events ...

In the photo above, taken this morning... The guys were teaching Troy a song. Yesterday, Britt left a message for Troy by the phone, it said "Called: Jeff Mountain, St.Aard Saturday 8am meeting" The message confused us because, we do not think there is a Haitian guy named "Jeff Mountain" and we did not know who would want to come see Troy on a Saturday morning.

Well, "Jeff Mountain" showed up at 9am, with his real name, which is Jacques Martin. He was coming to share with Troy how excited he is about the upcoming March convention, and was stirred by the theme. It is Zephaniah 1:7, Be silent in the presence of the Lord God for the day of the Lord is at hand.

Essentially, the Convention theme is that you better be ready, because the Lord could return any day. Jeff Mountain Jacques Martin was moved to write a song to go with the Convention, and came to teach it to Troy and Pastor Rony. Troy said he kept trying not to laugh because it had a happy light tune, but the words were all hellfire and brimstone. He says when they got to Sodom and Gomorrah part, he officially decided it was one of the best songs ever.

Chris and Leslie from Clean Water for Haiti, our missionary friends to the North, came for burgers this afternoon. Leslie is on the left. Chris is pictured below trying to find the dead rat that we smell in the kitchen but cannot locate. He came up empty handed, but we give him props for trying. The cute girl in between Britt and Paige is Britt's friend from Elk River, who is also named Brit. (one t) She is visiting right now.

The rest of our day was spent organizing receipts, filling out spreadsheets and writing letters to straighten out our personal business issues in the USA (read: arguing over money stuff) --- oh, and having fun with the Five things lists.