Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hey Everybody - Happy New Year from Haiti! Thanks for your note Pastor Rich and Karen. We hope you ALL had a safe and enjoyable evening. We hope you feel our love and appreciation. Our prayers are with you as we enter a New Year and see what God has in store for us all. Bondieu Benni Ou!
We were all in bed by midnight ... well, all except Britt who happened to be on the phone with a "friend" for the New Year. She was our representative and welcomed the new year on our behalf. Dave was bummed that we all wanted to go to bed, he made it to 11:30 then gave up because he was sitting in a room with Troy snoring on the couch.

At 4am our goat, (a gift we received from the congregation yesterday) "Bucky" (Paige named him) was braying non-stop. Paige is lobbying hard to keep him, but if he wakes me up at 4am tomorrow he is going to become Pastor Rony's goat. Sorry Paige.

Here are the photos from VBS this morning. Cara and Karin did a good job leading; all the rest of the ladies and girls assisted the kids with the "wordless book" project we did. They will come back tomorrow for one more day of teaching.

The cooks were off today for New Year's Day. Britt and Holly got the project started while the other girls finished up with VBS. All the girls pitched in to serve lunch for 84 kids! They made 30 boxes of Mac and Cheese.

On Friday a lady sent word that she desperately needed to get to a hospital. She was in labor. We sent her with money to get to the St.Marc hospital. Today she sent her baby to see us. This is the HUGEST baby we have ever seen in this country. He weighed 12 lbs 8oz (clothed). He is four days old. A 12 lb Haitian baby ... YIKES! He does not have a name yet. Britt is calling him "G-G" for gwo gason (or big boy.) The mom did not have C-section by the way.

Real men do dishes. :)

This afternoon we have the team divided and working on different projects. We are painting, plumbing, doing electrical work, and building benches.