Wednesday, January 17, 2007

There is no good place to start the story of today... It was a GOOD day!

I need to let Troy tell the story. It was really his experience and the rest of us prayed and chewed our fingernails all day. Right now he is in one of those emotional states that does not allow for coherent discussion. He looks like a large truck hit him. He said, "Just so you know, at some point I will melt down."
And he's earned it!

He will tell you the long version when he has had some time to process. The short version goes like this:
"Today Troy went to Port au Prince, and God showed up."
The END.
What felt like an eternity of waiting, has now melted into nothingness. SHE'S HERE - SHE'S HEALTHY. It was difficult waiting, we really wondered what God was doing some days. For reasons only He needs to know, we believe this timing - was His timing - and we'll take it.
I need to go stare at our sleeping angel. She is not nearly as impressed with us as we are with her. She fell asleep 45 minutes into her welcome home party. We have so much to say and so much to be thankful for and so much ahead of us ... but for now we need to soak it in and thank God for His goodness. We are so touched by your interest and blessed by your kindness.
PS- Hope's response to it all is so wonderful and beautiful. She is overjoyed. We all are.