Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Wednesday without tons to say

These two ladies to the left are off on an adventure. About a week ago a nice woman from Missouri wrote to invite Britt to join a medical mission team for the day and watch/participate in surgeries they would be performing in Montrouis. Britt was thrilled with the invite. (Thank you for thinking of her!)

It turns out that we know right where they are working. Troy enjoyed dropping the girls off this morning and meeting that team. We'll have Britt post about her day and share with you all what she got to see and do. Tomorrow the girls are going to go to Cazale and work with Lori and Licia for the day. Things are never boring over there, so they should be satisfied with the excitement level between the two days.

Paige would like to tag along but is far too committed to learning about work and energy and the difference between kinetic and potential energy. She just LOVES it! ;-) She is back in a school-work routine and dealing fairly well with the fact that Britt has another whole week off.

For those of you who love the Lifeline mission and are planning to visit this year, we wanted to show you these cool paintings that an artist here is willing to do. You can see it on the back wall behind the three little kids eating breakfast this morning. Below are close-up photos. The artist came wanting to teach our school kids art, but we ended up figuring out a better way for him to make money, he has been coming to show his work each time a team visits and has sold a bunch of his paintings of the church and a few of the larger entire-mission paintings. If you think you want one, let us know so he can have some on hand when you visit.

Below, Paige not only exhibits the church painting, but is demonstrating the use of energy. She wants you to know that as she holds this painting, it has potential energy, as long as she stands still, looking thrilled and holding the painting - the energy remains potential. The minute she gets too bored or annoyed and drops the painting, it will be changed into kinetic energy as it crashes to the floor. This concludes your 6th grade science lesson for the day.

Troy is out and about working and meeting with a contractor about the medical clinic tile. He just received a gift of fresh fish. He came up to get a cooler and assured me that he plans to re-gift the fish a.s.a.p. Unfortunately, cleaning fish is another thing we have no idea how to do. We're poor excuse(s) for Minnesotans; we know.

Have a great Wednesday.