Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How do we properly thank you?

A lot of gifts arrived with the team from New Joy. Some of it was stuff that was sent to Lisa's house, most of it was gathered by New Joy. There were many bags that were all unpacked at once. Much of it ended up in a big pile in our room.
We received tons of fun things... much of it, I have NO IDEA who gave it to us ... So, if you have been wondering why Tara has not thanked you properly for the gift you sent ... now you know.

To cover all bases, please know that we loved, and are appreciative of:

The Christmas cards you sent, the massive quantities of food, the candy, the toys, the movies, the "Buzz Word" game, the other games, the No Name Steaks, the cookies, and of course the wonderful powder to the right.

Troy really needed it.