Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mission Layout Explanation

Everyone who comes down here says it is different than they imagined.

As you look at this photo, the building to the right has six classrooms on the lower level. The top level is our house and mission team housing. The main portion of our house is on the right of the right house. Britt and Paige have rooms on the far left side of the house. There are six team rooms and two team bathrooms. The kitchen sits in the center of the house.

Ths shorter building connected to the main house and in the middle of our house and the church is where all the food for the feeding program is prepared and where the kids eat.

The church is easy to spot.

To the left is the newer building. The front or left part of the top floor is the 4 bedroom Missionary house, then the rest of the top floor of that building is two private one bedroom apartments. The bottom floor is four classrooms and then the portion of the bottom floor that is hidden behind the church is the medical clinic.

This photo is taken from the cross.
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