Thursday, January 25, 2007

Say You, Say Eddy

The following conversation took place in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti at approximately 9:30 am on Wednesday, January 24th, the parking lot of One Stop Market.

Troy: Hi Eddy, how are you?
Eddy: I'm good man. Hey, what truck are you driving here?
Troy: The pickup, the L200.
Eddy: Oh, ok, look man you really need to make a service on that truck.
Troy: Make a service? What do you mean?
Eddy: Take it to a mechan-ician.
Troy: Oh, I see. Well, I just changed the oil and filters last week, everything else is fine with it.
Eddy: You what? Oh, come on man, you can't be messing around like that.
Troy: Why not?
Eddy: Come on man, you'll blow up your engine, you don't know how to be a mechan-ician.
Troy: The only thing I need now is an alignment.
Eddy: Oh, I know a guy who can do it for you. Boss Lionel.
Troy: (not understanding correctly) Boss Renel?
Eddy: No, come on man, listen. Boss Lionel.
Troy: Ok.
Eddy: You know, like Lionel Ritchie. You ever heard of him? He's like a really big man in States.
Troy: Really? Yes, I know who Lionel Ritchie is.
Eddy: Yeah, he's really good. He's a black man. He's a big deal in your cone-tree.
Troy: Ok, sure Eddy. Thanks.
Eddy: Remember man, the good mechan-ician to call is Boss Lionel, like Lionel Ritchie... but he doesn't sing or anything man, he just make a good service for your ve-hik-ell.
Troy: All right. Do you know - Are there people in the park? Playing games in the dark?
Eddy: What man?
Troy: Nevermind.

I wanted to keep the game going of speaking in Lionel Ritchie lyrics for a while, just for my own amusement, but I was pretty sure he wasn't going to get it. Ever.

I realize that I have been out of the "cone-tree" for a while now, but I don't think I've missed anything as amazing as a huge Lionel Ritchie comeback. Either Eddy is totally out of touch with who is "really big" in the US, or I am. It could easily be me, but I don't think so this time.