Saturday, January 20, 2007

"Other than that, not much planned..."

That (the title of this entry) is what I *said* we had going on for today. A little Math, a little hanging out, nothing major.

Haiti says "Ha HA HA .. I laugh in the face of your plans, I scoff you, I mock you. You idiot!"

We had a busy day.

First I offer you my small early-day success ... Find below the "before" photo of Hope, Isaac and Noah's bedroom. When Troy saw it he said "Isaac, did mom see this? What did she say?"

Isaac said, "She said: Oh Crap"

And, I wish I could tell you that he was just being funny ... But no, that is indeed what I said. And now Isaac is repeating me. Nice.

I sent them out to play and went to work trying to create a system of order and structure. I succeeded, find proof here in the "after" photo. And, yes, of course I told them they cannot play with their toys anymore. Toys are just to look at and admire from a distance. Everyone knows that.

Britt and I got back from our run around 11:30am. As we turned the corner up our drive we saw a large group gathered by the gate. We knew somebody was hurt. (Don't scroll down too much further if you are a weak tummy person.)
We came inside the gate to find this poor woman, badly burned, laying on the grass at the front gate. She had just endured FIVE HOURS on a donkey to get to the mission. It certainly convicted me of my impatience over things like road-construction in Minnesota. AT LEAST WE HAVE CARS AND ROADS and HOSPITALS! This woman was horribly wounded and in terrible pain and her options were- A. Stay in her mountain village, to suffer and eventually die or B. Get on a donkey and try to find help.
That's it, her only two options.
Britt got to work, Troy left and went to find Silvadene (thank you L and L and Big Z.) As she began to look at it we realized this was very serious and needed Lori and an IV and full-time care for awhile. Britt and Paige worked together for about three hours, peeling off the burned skin, getting it cleaned up and putting dressings on it.
Sadly, once again, misinformation about the healing properties of Crest are circulating and they had put toothpaste on some of the burns. (Thus, the white stuff.) That just adds to the pain and the work for the patient and the nurse.
As the girls worked, I emailed photos to Lori and it was agreed that she needed care we cannot provide. So, once she was wrapped up, Troy took off and is now bringing her to Cazale. Thank you L and L for your input and hard work! We are blessed to know you and learn from you.

While this work was going on, the food delivery showed up, which is no small thing. So we hung a sheet to try and shield this lady from that chaos.
Then, when I was down helping Britt and Paige for about two minutes (to hang the sheet) -- Hope displayed her amazing skills of independence. You know the saying "many hands make light work." Well, in these parts it is "many hands make for mass confusion." Hope decided that Phoebe was hungry in the two minutes I was not around. So, in her ever-self-sufficient way she found a bottle and popped in Phoebe's mouth as she sat in her bouncy chair. Sounds awesome, right?
No, not so much. Hope chose the bottle that was sitting with the dirty dishes, it was about 12 hours old and smelling pretty sour. Phoebe seems no worse for the wear, but I am learning that Hope might need some gentle reigning in. Self-sufficiency may be her undoing.

And, for those of you who are not yet tired of Phoebe ... A photo from morning nap time.

Noah said today, "Set that baby on the couch Ma, hode me!" He is not shy about his jealousy. I keep telling him he is still the baby BOY of the family. Being two and a half can be rough.

So, there you have it. A Saturday without much planned. Now it is time to make dinner and collapse.

Love to all,