Monday, January 08, 2007

Brothers & Friends

Today we got back into a school routine and enjoyed the perfect Haiti weather. It was lovely. Thanks to those of you that emailed or commented about the Sara Groves post. It is true, at some point it is necessary to get out of our comfort zone and take some risks for Christ. I used to spend a lot of energy worrying about my precious children and how can I protect them from ALL hurt and harm. There is a desire to wrap them in bubble-wrap and lock them in the house for 20 years.
As a mom, the greatest thing I could eventually hope to say is that my kids are generous, compassionate, love the Lord and are willing to stand up and shout it by the way they live ...
even when, by the world's standards, it is not "safe."
Our first year in the field brought greater blessings and fun than we ever imagined, had we taken the advice of some, by doing the "safe" thing, we would have missed it all. Even the hard things turned out to be lessons we will carry with us for years to come. I'm glad we tossed out the bubble wrap and unlocked the door.

FIVE Things you don't know about these two hams-
1)I hate Eggs
2)I had a brief run as a model for Target & Manhattan Toys
3)My birth name was Ricardo
4)I think eventually I will learn to fly like Superman
5)I laugh out loud hysterically at the same movie, even on the 135th viewing
1.)I plan to rule the world - or at least Isaac
2.) I had to be resuscitated at birth
3.) I was supposed to be named Oliver
4.) I have been in a car accident - it was not my fault
5.)I sweat like an adult man, I get that from my mom
We tag- Hope, Aunt Laura, and Declan Slater