Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The High Points
  • Phoebe is the most fun sweet baby ever - she smiles at us now
  • Troy went to Port and got to grab lunch with Zach
  • Troy went to Port and managed to arrive back home by 4pm
  • Troy ran into John A. at the grocery store
  • Lori and Zach say Seramise (burned lady) is holding her own
  • The grocery store had Doritos
  • Britt and I got to go for a longer than normal run
  • Everyone was nice to us on the run- totally harassment free
  • Everyone napped simultaneously for 17 minutes
  • The realization that a good friend is visiting in just two weeks
  • The realization that Dad is coming in just one month

The Low Points

  • Isaac pushed a kid and called him a name, then lied and said Noah did it
  • After getting in trouble Noah said "I want a diff-ent mom"
  • The boys seemed to be in time-out 1/3 of the day
  • During the long run an emergency banana field stop was required
  • Banana fields do not come equipped with toilet paper
  • The grocery store did not have diet-pop
  • Troy and John A. scoured the grocery store only to determine that there was no corn-starch to be had for Britt's Chemistry lab